Care Cleaner  Care Cleaner

Care Cleaner

  • Natural protection against resoiling
  • Streakfree cleaning and care - no layer build-up
  • Fresh, caring scent
  • Natural easy cleaning and care

Applicable for all floors like sealed parquet, cork and linoleum, open porous stone floors like terracotta, marble, terrazzo, shale, granite, unglazed, glazed and high-gloss tiles or stoneware tiles, laminate, plastics/PVC and gum (Please follow the manufacturer's cleaning and care instructions.)

Nature sets a good example: A ladybird is always clean, and the same principle is now also applied by emsal in the BIOSAN® care formula. BIOSAN® is based a 100% on renewable raw materials. BIOSAN® has Chitosan as an organic active ingredient - a compound that improves the cleanability of your floor. Dirt does not attach itself as stubbornly to the floor and is therefore easier to remove.

Regular cleaning and care:

  • Add 3 capfuls emsal Care Cleaner to a bucket (5 liters) of lukewarm water.
  • Clean floor using a well-wrung out mop.
  • Without rinsing

<5% Non-ionic surfactants, Perfumes, PHENOXYETHANOL. Further ingredient: chitosan.

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1 litre