Carpet Foam  Carpet Foam

Carpet Foam

  • Deep and thorough cleaning of carpets and rugs
  • Hygienic cleanliness and protection against resoiling
  • Fluffy soft fibres thanks to FIBRASOFT

FIBRASOFT-formula to maintain the softness of the fibre

Checking the carpet regarding color fastness and compatibility of materials at a non-visible area. Vacuum carpet thoroughly prior to application. Existing spots should be pretreated with tuba emsal stain remover spray.

  • Spray: Shake tin prior to application. Hold tin downwards. Press the valve completely and spray the foam from a distance of approx. 50 cm evenly on the carpet.
  • Insertion: Massage the foam in longitudinal and cross direction with a humid mop into the carpet
  • Reaction/Suction: Let the foam react until the carpet is completely dry (min. 2 hours). Ventilate the room thoroughly to boost the drying time. Don´t walk on the carpet during the drying time. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly. In case of heavy contamination repeat the treatment.

5 - 15% aliphatic hydrocarbons, <5% anionic surfactants, non-ionic surfactants, perfumes, BENZISOTHIAZOLINONE

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600 ml